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Sapien Ascendant
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Pre-order insights into the "Lessons Learned, & The Underground" of the Mini-Renaissance in 2019.
I aim to empower the reader, like no other book or program in 2020 with intellectual courage, with the combination of a Warrior's spirit, & some of the most advanced mental peace advanced techniques, to speed up the optimization of our society. 

My words will make you feel pain. Eustress neccesary for transformation and optimization of human cognition going forward. 
Buying this book/program quiet frankly, will just let you see what others can't, in terms of internet trends, personal transformation, and hidden foundations, that will influencers authors, creators, bodybuilders, cultural leaders on Planet Earth.

--> Sovereign Individual Elites & United 
--> Peak Intellectual Exploration
--> Goal is to track, define, and support top Blockchain and Longevity Metrics
Discussions/Formats - 
1) Creator Economy. 
2) NFT Discussions
3) Online Communities Tribes/Crypto twitter/Wallstreetbets/Instagram Utilization
4) Suggested Legislation Writing Classes

2020 - Great Morning Routine Great Decade - Foundations, Visions, Course Correcting Society
2021 - Next chapter/Micro/Macro - Your Life as a Story

2025 - Blockchain/Crypto Implementation

2030 - Infrastructure Changes/Next Big Project -

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  • Lay the Groundwork for building a Strong Community in 2021+

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  • Lay the Groundwork for building a Strong Community in 2021+
  • Size129 KB
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Build Your 'City in the Clouds' Pre-Foundations

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